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Dr. Pravin Mokashi is India's First and the Only Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Technical Analysis. He has been an active Researcher, Trader & Trainer in Financial Markets for almost two decades.

Dear Market Participants,

As a technician, I have observed on innumerable occasions that price leads change in fundamentals. It's almost a rule that markets top-out after good news & bottom-out after bad news.

There are always fundamental reasons for a financial security to act the way it does, but we get to know about the reasons when it's too late to act profitably. Therefore, even if it is presumed that every news is genuine (which is not true in most of the times), it's of no use for the market participants. The insiders & informed groups are well aware of the impending change in fundamentals; their market actions get depicted in the technical charts. Seasoned technicians can see these changes well in advance & take positions to make profitable trades. This is the beauty of technical charting.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."  These words of Galileo Galilee inspired me in my research expedition. With the Theory of Triple Trend Integration® I could unfurl the strings of charting but the genuine discovery unfolded in Chartistry®. Amazing success rate of this methodology propels me to assert with conviction that Chartistry® perfectly exemplifies objectivity & consistency in identifying trends & targets. The beauty of Chartistry® is its applicability to all the tradable financial securities. Performance of this discovery has always fascinated the market participants.

- Dr. Pravin Mokashi, Ph.D. (Technical Analysis)